Our Event on “The Value of Networks“

On March 18 more than 50 participants came together at the ImpactHub Zurich for our first event of our new event series “Anders Wirtschaften”. With a highly interesting set of Swiss social entrepreneurs, we discussed the question “creating value with your network - how does that work?“.

Personally, we gained a lot of inspiration, met highly interesting people and learned a great deal about how to develop a valuable community. Our 3 main takeaways of the evening were:

#1: Always provide value first; the rest will follow.

#2: Highlight the qualities & talents of others.

#3: Deliver what you promise and stay authentic.

Thank you once again LizAn Kuster (Impact Hub Zürich), Camille Bossel (FoodHack), Jonas Nakonz (Policy Kitchen) and Seraina Soldner (SINGA Switzerland) for sharing your insights.

Now we are already looking forward to our next get-together and hope to see you there as well:

15. April: «Die Organisation von Morgen: Wie gelingt Transformation?» @ Karl der Grosse

20. Mai: «Wirkung statt Profit – aber wie wird ein sozial-ethisches Unternehmen finanziert?» @ ABS Olten

Nikki Böhler